Manifest Cash, Money, and Abundance

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Even when we are not in a place of significant need, manifesting more wealth is still a very common desire.  But when we ARE in a situation where need is present, then the lack of money can feel like a weight holding us down.

Fortunately it can be possible to manifest cash, money, wealth, and abundance.  

For some their money problems may vanish rather quickly, while others may see financial woes decline over time.  Much of how effective the process can be, relies on way you go about manifesting the things you want or need.

Is It Possible To Manifest Money?

In my humble opinion, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘YES’!

A few years after I stumbled into manifesting a medical miracle (click here to read all about that), I found myself at one of the lowest points in my life.  My spouse had left my son and I all alone to fend for ourselves.  And to make matters worse, my employer laid me off.  

Can you imagine the pressure I was under?  Needing to feed my child and pay my mortgage all amidst divorce proceedings and their HUGE lawyer fees?


If you can imagine or relate to that financial pressure, then you are in the right place.

After a month my bank account was empty and were only three weeks away from missing the mortgage payment.

After what I learned from manifesting healing in my spine, I began to repeat the process of visualization.  

The ever present fear of losing our home and not being able to feed my child created a sense of desperation that was suffocating.  This left me in a state of mind where I was constantly dwelling on our financial concerns.


raining money

Without really knowing what it would later be called, I fell in the same rhythm as before and visualized the things that needed to change.  

The second I woke up I was picturing myself at a new job.  As the day crept along and I applied to job after job, I envisioned my son and I having a new more affordable home and enough money to be able to take vacations.  Once the day ended and I was laying awake in bed, I let my mind race across possible futures where we were no longer in need, but actually comfortable and HAPPY.

This process continued for the next couple weeks until I was offered my dream job.  A job I thought I would never qualify for, let alone receive an offer to do.  But it was the job I kept dreaming about every day.

With the new job came financial stability.  We could afford our home.  But just barely.  

It was a step in the right direction.  But it wasn’t far enough.  Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t enjoyable.

So my visualizations continued.

Feeling that our house was too expensive I finally resolved to get an appraisal from a real estate agent, and was greeted with a massive shock.

The housing market was in a state of recovery and not only was the home no longer lower priced than when it was purchased, it had gained nearly six figure of equity in the passed six months alone!

Selling the house would end our money troubles COMPLETELY. 

Am I claiming that I used the law of attraction to end the housing market crash?  OF COURSE NOT! 

This is simply anecdotal evidence of what manifestation can look like.  What it looked like for me.

I went from jobless, to my dream job with higher pay, to selling my house at the right time and capturing a sizable lump sum.

It was a process.  

Visualization, focus, and determination.


The Process of Manifesting Money

That’s all well and good, but is it really that easy to manifest wealth?

Yes and no.

If you simply decide you want a million bucks and picture it in your head one day, will it manifest the next morning?  Very unlikely.

The truth is that manifestation requires commitment and effort.  No need to be afraid though, the effort and commitment aren’t significant.  

You see, the method I use was recently simplified and given a new name:  The 369 Manifestation Method. 

With the 369 Manifestation Method, you come up with an effective mantra, write it down three times in the morning, six times in the middle of the day, and nine times before you go to sleep.

You repeat this process for several weeks and the chances of manifesting what you want skyrocket.

Though this isn’t the exact method I used, it is VERY similar.  Go back and notice that my mind was on what I desired the second I was up.  That I spent all day focusing on what I wanted to have happen.  And at night I was fantasize about the life I wanted to ultimately appear.

Do you see the similarity?  Morning.  Midday.  Night.

Free 369 Manifestation Journal

I wasn’t writing it down, but apparently using just your mind can be challenging for the vast majority of people.  That’s why writing it down is so useful.  If keeps you focused and creates a routine for your mind, body, and Universe to follow.  It helps you stay on track so the Universe can align for what you desire.

To give back, I created a FREE 369 Manifestation Journal.  It is yours to download, print, and use.  

It is my earnest hope and desire that you can utilize this journal and process to get yourself to an improved financial situation!


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