Manifest Love and a Soulmate

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Life is better lived with a loving partner.  

This is a belief nearly all of us hold, and can sometimes lead to a heightened sense of loneliness, isolation, rejection, and unfulfillment.  

Many will seek relationships simply for the sake of not being alone.  Sadly this typically does not result in a happy ending and may be why divorce rates are so significant today.

The truth is, that to truly manifest a loving relationship, one must love themselves to begin with.

Are You Actually Ready To Manifest A Soulmate?

couple in lovePicture this…

Someone is walking down the sidewalk one icy winter day.  The slip on a stretch of ice and sprain their ankle.  

As they massage the pain and try to stand, they keep picturing running a marathon the next day.

There’s an obvious problem with this scenario, and a more subtle problem. 

First, they were recently injured and are physically incapable of running a marathon.  Such is the case for many people who are seeking love.  They harbor many needs for healing that must be attended to before they set out to accomplish what they truly desire.

Second, the scenario depicted takes place during an icy winter.  It would be rather uncommon to run a marathon the next day.  So it is not the time, nor the place to be running, let alone a marathon.

As with the first problem, many people are actually in the second problem and don’t realize it.  They are in a place great turbulence.  Maybe they are recently unemployed, having significant physical health issues, or in a financial dilemma.

Whether someone needs to heal, stabilize their life, or both, most would be wise to take stock of their current situation in life and be honest about whether they are truly ready for a life partner.

I’m sure you know at least one person who got into a relationship too quickly after leaving a previous relationship.  They didn’t take time to heal or get their feet under them.  They just bounced from one relationship to the next.

It’s a common story and with a very common and heart breaking result.  

Typically, relationships built on a broken foundation will crumble in time.

So if you truly want to manifest love into your life, you must first be sure you are ready.  Are you healed?  Is this a good time and place in your life to introduce someone with which you will spend your life?

If You Are Ready To Manifest Love...

Free 369 Manifestation JournalThe manifestation process is typically the same no matter what it is you want the Universe to align with for your life. 

The first step is always a clear idea of what it is you would like.  For the easiest and most current method, The 369 Manifestation Method, you need to devise a mantra that clearly depicts the desired outcome, and tie it in with gratitude and positive emotion.  (You can get more detail on this in our Free Journal linked at the top and bottom of this page)

Once you have a well crafted mantra, you then need to write it down three times in the morning when you first wake up.  Then write it down six times in the middle of the day.  Finally you need to write your mantra nine times before you go to sleep.

Doing this for several weeks will train your mind to align with what you want, and give the Universe a clear and repeated structure to align with, yielding that which you desire.

To make all of this easier, I created a FREE 369 Manifestation Journal that you can download, print and use as needed. 

I sincerely hope that the journal eases your efforts and brings you happiness as you align with the Universe to create the life and love you deserve.


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