Manifesting Health and Healing for Yourself and Others

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Life presents numerous moments where we experience a need to manifest healing, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.  And with connection to others, we can empathically feel their needs for healing as well.  These moments are not purely negative, as they can provide us OPPORTUNITY to personally grow and help others, often at the same time.

Pain, loss and grief are all parts of our Earthly experience.  Desiring to live without these forms of suffering would be to desire to not experience life.  And thus we are granted our first opportunity.  NOTE: This opportunity is actually critical to successfully manifest healing. 

The opportunity is to ACCEPT that the suffering is a normal occurrence. 

This acceptance is critical in manifesting the healing process for yourself and for others because it does two things: first, it lets the Universe be the Universe without being in conflict with you, and second it surrenders control of the moment, allowing it to exist.   

Letting go of the present allows you to shift your attention and focus on the future.  

An absolutely essential need for manifesting what has yet to be.

Let me guide you through my first hand experience…

Can You Heal Yourself and Others Through Manifestation?

The simple answer is a resounding ‘YES’!

My own personal journey can be used as an example.  

Long before I fully understood manifestation I inadvertently implemented the necessary steps and was able to create a medical miracle that left my neurosurgeon scratching his head and saying he had no explanation for what he was seeing.

You see, back in my college days I was an avid practitioner of Mixed Martial Arts.  I would train every day for up to ten hours a day.  The apparent brutality of the sport may lead you to pause, but understand that it really truly lead to a zen like peace at the days end.  Anger did not exist, and a oneness with self and the surrounding world was felt in indescribable ways.  In many ways I became a warrior monk.

However, after many years of training and physical exertion, and unknown toll had been taken on my body.  A disc in my spine had been weakened and in a terrifying moment an accident while training left me paralyzed on my left side.  Hours passed and the paralysis waned until full functionality had returned.

I immediately went to see a neurosurgeon who quickly recommended surgery to replace the disc in my neck.  A new procedure authorized only for younger individuals.

The surgery commenced and I awoke to begin my healing journey.  

Unfortunately all was not well.  The pain that should have only lasted a few weeks, stretched into months and my mobility and strength did not return as they were supposed to.

And it was here, in my moment of desperation I began, unwittingly, the manifestation process.  

Everyday, throughout the day, pain would hit me and I would picture my body healing the pain.  My desperation made my visions realistic in my mind.

Each night I would go to bed and meditate on the pain that was preventing my sleep.  Picturing my body healing over the injury in a glowing light.

Weeks of this desperate visualization passed.  Then months.  

The pain became tolerable.  Then it almost fully disappeared.

My neurosurgeon called to have a follow up visit and what he found rattled his professional experience.

Neck X Ray

X-rays did in fact show the metal plates between my vertebrae, but they also showed something else. 

My body had inexplicably grown bone, of it’s own accord, over the plates to ‘fuse’ my vertebrae together and prevent movement at that location in my spine. 

This ‘fusion’ is the normal surgery for such an injury.  Typically the neurosurgeon must apply special bone growth paste around a cadaver’s vertebrae that is transplanted into the patient.  

Somehow, my body had performed the fusion surgery on itself.

My neurosurgeon researched and found only a couple cases that had EVER had this happen, and no explanation was yet identified.

How Did I Manifest Healing?

At the time I had unknowingly developed a strategy that matched that the typical ‘law of attraction’ strategies. 

This form of manifesting healing is difficult, at best, without significant mindfulness or desperation.  

Today there is a newer more simplified method of doing the exact same thing.  This new method is knows as the 369 Manifestation Method.  

Without knowing it, I was in fact doing exactly what you are taught in the 369 Manifestation Method.

Put simply, to manifest health with this strategy, you devise a ‘mantra’ of sorts.  A desired outcome from your efforts.  If we use my healing as an example then the mantra would have been ‘I am so grateful the Universe has aligned to heal my spine, eliminating pain and giving a sense of well being back to my life.”

Armed with this mantra, you would then write it three times in the morning, six times midday, and nine times at night.  

Note:  To help with this process, I have created a FREE journal for doing the 369 Manifestation Method on your own.  Please download, print and begin your journey.  It is my gift to you.

Think back to my story.  Remember how pain would cause me to reflect and visualize the outcome I wanted?  It was a constant reminder to focus my intention on healing.  

When do you think the pain was at it’s worst?  The morning.  The night.  And randomly throughout the day.  

Can you see how my journey aligns with the 369 Manifestation Method?

You may not have the pain to remind you, especially if you are manifesting healing on behalf of another.  

Further, your experience may not be severe enough to remember to do the visualizations.  

That is why I wrote the FREE journal.  To help not only my manifestation efforts, but to give to others and help them more easily and readily create that which they truly desire.

The Free 369 Manifestation Journal

If you, or someone you know, are in need of healing, then please, gift yourself my free journal.  It really will help you organize and be consistent.  

The journal will help you devise a solid mantra, as well as organize your efforts to help optimize your efforts. 

Peace be with you, and health to follow.

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